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Nikon Precision Inc., located in Belmont, California, and Nikon Precision Europe GmbH, headquartered in Langen, Germany, are wholly owned subsidiaries of Nikon Corporation. Nearly 700 employees provide sales, service, and customer support for Nikon photolithography systems. Established in 1917, Nikon Corporation is one of the world’s leading optical companies. With decades of experience as a manufacturer of optical lenses and precision equipment, Nikon developed the world’s first production-worthy step-and-repeat photolithography tool in 1980, the NSR-1010G. Since then, over 60 models of Nikon steppers and scanners have printed half of all the integrated circuits ever manufactured. Today, Nikon is the leading global supplier of step-and-repeat and step-and-scan lithography systems.

Nikon photolithography systems span the range of resolutions required by today’s manufacturing facilities. From specialized ghi-line Steppers used in MEMS processes, to ultra-high productivity i-line steppers and advanced KrF/ArF, and immersion scanners for the most demanding semiconductor applications, Nikon delivers superior performance with the lowest cost of ownership and the most comprehensive customer support of any manufacturer.

Nikon is actively engaged in next-generation technology and joined the Global 450 mm Consortium (G450C) headquartered at the SUNY College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) in 2013. As part of this partnership with G450C, Nikon delivered and installed its industry-leading 450 mm ArF immersion scanner, the NSR-S650D, at the Albany NanoTech Complex in 2015. In addition, Nikon is supplying engineering staff to support and accelerate the development of 450 mm wafer technology.

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